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Locally focused, family-oriented, and the freedom to explore; because great beer has no rules. We came together to make the community stronger, to support Wisconsin farmers, and to follow our passion. It just happened to be beer. Dedicated to preserving the earth, using sustainable practices and helping improve the world of beer from harvest to bottle.

Stubborn, yet always brothers


Aaron never wanted to open a brewery. A brewery requires tireless work and effort. And you have to wait almost a month to find out if your brew is successful. If your brew fails, you start all over again and throw your hard work down the drain! But Erik was persistent that the craft brewing revolution was upon us. Erik was unable to take on this venture alone as he was responsible for maintaining the crops on their local family dairy farm. It became Aaron’s mission to explore and learn about brewing beer. He learned a lot and soon curiosity killed the cat, and he became obsessed with the art of brewing and the beauty of barrel aging, selecting seasonal fruits and ingredients, and the artisanal challenges that make brewing an art more than a science.


Erik always wanted to start a brewery. A brewery is fun, engaging, and challenging. Unfortunately, as Aaron and Erik began their brewing adventures, Erik had to fulfill his prior obligations to their local family dairy farm. Even though time constraints have limited Erik in assisting with brewing, he has been integral in selecting Shawano as their home base, choosing and sourcing their equipment and making this brewery a reality. Erik was also key in their farm to table approach. Erik grew the first hop fields to determine what varieties grow successfully in the Shawano soil, and also responsible for the sourcing of malt and brewing ingredients from local farmers. He continues to be actively involved in everyday brewing, recipe development and daily operations.

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